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Autism by Autistics: Episode 1 – What is it Like Being Autistic?

For episode one of our podcast we focus on the question that many non-autistics want to know – what is it like being autistic? We wanted to introduce our non-autistic listeners to general themes and experiences, and provide content that will also be relatable to our autistic listeners. So here is a summary of what… Continue reading Autism by Autistics: Episode 1 – What is it Like Being Autistic?

Autism · Podcasting

New Podcast – Autism by Autistics

Myself and Sophie Williams (friends and colleague as well as fellow female autistic academic at the University of Liverpool) have set up a podcast, called Autism by Autistics, in order to cover all things autism in an accessible format. We wanted a space for fun and informative conversations where neurotypical people could come to learn… Continue reading New Podcast – Autism by Autistics


Lived Experience Talks at Liverpool

As a researcher who currently primarily uses qualitative research methods (e.g. interviews), and as an autistic person having used my personal experience to influence my research interests; I very much believe that the best way for people to learn about a condition like autism, is by listening to people’s personal experiences and perspectives. One thing… Continue reading Lived Experience Talks at Liverpool