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New Podcast – Autism by Autistics

Myself and Sophie Williams (friends and colleague as well as fellow female autistic academic at the University of Liverpool) have set up a podcast, called Autism by Autistics, in order to cover all things autism in an accessible format. We wanted a space for fun and informative conversations where neurotypical people could come to learn about autism, or other autistics could come to listen to shared experiences.

We have opted for a casual conversational style, where we plan broad topics to cover each week, but have unscripted conversations about our personal experiences and opinions centred around a main topic with subdivisions. We plan to cover everything from key topics, autism research, and advice for autistics and non-autistics. All of our topics are delivered with an autism-friendly, neurodiverse focus, viewing autism as a positive and addressing any difficulties with full sensitivity.

All podcasts will be from the point of view of two autistic women who are currently academics researching various factors around autism. Both myself and Sophie broadly research autism support, with a current focus on adult support. My research is around natural support mechanisms with a focus on learning through reading, while Sophie’s expertise are focussed on carers and personal support networks. As well as drawing on our broad knowledge of the field of autism research, we also draw on our life experiences in the hope that it will be of use, or at least interest to our listeners.

Our podcast is freely available to listen to and/or subscribe to, and will be uploaded weekly every Saturday. We are completely open to topic ideas, and can answer specific questions during the appropriate topic, so please feel free to leave anything you want us to cover or answer in the comments below or by contacting us on twitter using any of the three accounts listed below.

You can access our podcast via Apple Podcasts/iTunes here:

Alternatively, you can see what other services to access the podcast on by visiting our Anchor page here:

Please leave us honest feedback, we are still developing and finding our style and want to make sure we are doing the best we can for anybody interested in listening. You can do this by leaving a rating and/or review on iTunes, or by tweeting to any of our accounts here:

Autism by Autistics: @AutisticsTalk

My Twitter: @melissachapple

Sophie’s Twitter: @SophWilliams28


We are extremely thankful to The University of Liverpool for all of their support in making our student experience as autism-friendly as possible. Microphone equipment was supplied to us by the ESRC, who I am extremely thankful towards for funding my research and external research-related activities.


Podcast Copyright: Melissa Chapple and Sophie Williams

Podcast Image Copyright: Sophie Williams

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