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Autism by Autistics: Episode 1 – What is it Like Being Autistic?

For episode one of our podcast we focus on the question that many non-autistics want to know – what is it like being autistic? We wanted to introduce our non-autistic listeners to general themes and experiences, and provide content that will also be relatable to our autistic listeners. So here is a summary of what we cover during episode one:

Introspection – How does an autistic person define being autistic?

For the first section of episode one, we focus on how we answer the question being posed, and difficulties that arise from introspecting on something so natural to us including:

  • Uncertainty about what factors specifically define the answer to this question
  • Experiences of introspecting to identify our unique differences
  • Similarities between autistics, regardless of support needs

We follow the updated idea that autism is autism, without ‘types’, but that each of us have very unique support needs that can vary by time and place as well as between one another. After recommending the book ‘The Reason I Jump’ to our listeners we answer the following questions ourselves:

  • ‘Why don’t you make eye contact?’
  • ‘Do you prefer to be alone?’
  • ‘What is the best and worst thing about being autistic?’
  • ‘Would you like to be ‘ordinary’?’

Masking – Hiding or Altering Autistic Traits Around Others

During section two we focus on our experiences of masking our traits and how we feel about this as a negative factor. Sophie introduces a definition of masking that she feels is appropriate following which we discuss:

  • Awareness of masking
  • Effects of masking
  • Why we mask

Fundamental Differences – What Makes Autism Unique?

During this final section, we talk about what things we feel makes being autistic unique and how we can appropriately explain this. We discuss:

  • Factors we feel makes autism unique
  • Other trait influences
  • Overlapping personality traits to non-autistics
  • Difficulties defining differences
  • Imagination and play

If you’re interested in hearing our conversations around these topics you can listen using the details below.

Episode one of our podcast is available on Apple Podcasts (and iTunes) here:

Alternatively, you can see what other services to access the podcast on by visiting our Anchor page here:


Podcast Copyright: Melissa Chapple and Sophie Williams

Podcast Image Copyright: Sophie Williams

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